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Home education made easy

We’ve done the preparation work for you. All the structure, lesson planning, and knowledge you need to guide your child through IGCSE and Key Stage 3 curriculums.

Created by home-educators
for home-educators

Qualified teachers, Clare Patrick and Sam Martell have over 30 years experience home educating their own children and others. All these materials, written to the latest curriculum requirements, are tried and tested, created by home educators for others, like you.

All our tutors are experienced home educating mums, with degrees in their subjects, and teaching qualifications or extensive tutoring experience. This means you can work with your child in confidence, knowing you’ve got proven materials and support from others who know the challenges and rewards of home education.

Tutoring support to fit your timescale

As home educating parents we understand the changing needs of families, and how flexibility is important when choosing home study packages. Whether you want to complete the material quickly, or spread it over two years or more, or even take a break in the middle. The tutor support is not time limited.

IGCSE Single Sciences and Double Award courses plus History, Geography and Maths

Following the Cambridge (CIE) or Edexcel exam boards, our courses expand on the selected coursebook with spellings, definitions, worksheets and follow up work with tutor support and mock exams.

Key Stage 3 Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Covering the whole National Curriculum for Key stage 3, three years of content covered in schools between 11 and 14. Over 140 lesson plans full of key learning, practical experiments and online resources to comprehensively cover what your child needs to know.

Key Stage 3 and IGCSE Courses and tutoring, for home educators, by home educators