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Some more feedback

L says “I’ve just opened my results and I’m overjoyed to say that I got an A in biology! I’m so happy! Thank you for all the hard work, time and patience that you put into me!”

M says “Just to let you know that J gained an A in IGCSE chemistry and an A* in IGCSE physics! He’s very pleased!!”

F says “I just wanted you to know what E’s results were and to say thank you for all the help that you have given us.
Physics A*
Chemistry A
Human Biology A
So grateful to you and your team.

T says “I got a solid A*. Thank you very much for all the help u have given me!”

Parent feedback

I just wanted to let you know how we are getting on with this course.  I’ve always felt a bit lost teaching science.  I wanted it to be fun, but educational. I struggled to find a curriculum that didn’t make me feel I was out of my depth or that it was overly simple.  This course is brilliant!  I can read ahead and feel completely confident to teach topics that I haven’t thought about in 20 years!  My children are intelligent 11 and 13 year olds and they are definitely learning!  The experiments are easy to do at home and the materials aren’t at all hard to find.

Thank you.  We will definitely be using more of your curriculum in the future.

Melanie H.

Parent feedback

Moving onto IGCSE’s seemed a daunting task and I feel so fortunate that we came upon your courses. You’ve guided us through the decisions over which courses would suit my son best, offered much wisdom over revision, and was a real support during the occasional panic moments!

The courses themselves are thorough, the follow up work gave my son the opportunity to have work marked by someone else, and best of all they were interesting and fun!

Having really enjoyed learning science purely for the love of it, I was concerned sticking to a syllabus would change this. But, not at all. There are loads of experiments to do, and my second son is excited that it’s his turn now with the kitchen chemistry…and even the younger two want to do “experiments”.

I know he’s had a great learning experience, so whatever grades he got, it would be a success…but he actually got A and A*! So, for anyone debating home IGCSE’s, I would recommend you to go for it, and use these fantastic courses!

Parent feedback

Sam has been a wonderfully supportive tutor to my son, who has studied CIE IGCSE biology with her, achieving and A*. Right from the start, she has been engaged with his learning and has always responded well and quickly to his many questions. She has never tired of answering his questions, many of which were really more in depth than is needed for the IGCSE. Yet Sam understood his need to know and answered them fully. Not only has she supported my son, but she has also supported me by responding to my questions and reading between the lines, when necessary. Unlike many tutors, she really cares about her students. I was also impressed by her levels of communication, even telling you which day she marks work so you know when to expect it back. I would not hesitate in recommending Sam.
With thanks,

Student feedback

Since term is now over (HOORAY!) I wanted to thank you. I actually meant to say this last year but with one thing and another it didn’t happen

Your science course was AMAZING. I enjoyed it. It lacked nothing. It was very clear. But the best bit was that you were always right behind us, whether when answering a question quickly and fully, or making the course clear and well laid out.

What I want to thank you for most is not for making the course so clear or helpful for us, it’s for your support. When we came to you, it looked like (the previous company) had prevented me from doing the coordinated science IGCSE course altogether, and I only had a year to do two year’s work. Now, when I left you, I have taken all the exams, and got an A*A*. This venture, which seemed so lost a cause to the the last science teacher that she dropped me from the course, I think we can call a success…

I’d like to quickly thank you for being so astoundingly quick at getting back to us. You were right there with the answer and an encouragement, often even the same day!!!!!!

So, thank you for all your hard work, answering all that stockpiled follow-up work (sorry :-)) in the same time as you would have marked only one.

God bless you, Thank you,

Student feedback

“Thank you VERY much for all your help and encouragement during my doing your course. I found it hard to start a new science course – I didn’t want to attempt any more science after the mess of the last course I’d been doing. You were always so kind and I somehow managed to finish the work and exam prep, it was a lot of very hard work.
Guess what my results were ? A and A* !!!!! Amazing huh!
Wow! – I am now doing Physics and Chemistry Higher! Thank you for all the work you helped me with and the confidence you placed in me – I won’t forget it”

Student feedback

“It’s easy to understand. I like the textbooks that explain the topics, and that I can work by myself without having to ask my mum for help. I also enjoy the practical work – the plant-cell pizza I made was very tasty and I now remember the structure of cells. I am looking forward to doing more of the practical work”

Parent feedback

“I’m very happy to write about the course. I was delighted with Sam’s Biology course, it was easy to follow, and very thorough. My daughter found it easy to work through, and it guided her through all the topics for the exam. It was particularly helpful to have diagrams and definitions ready to use, especially for revision purposes. Sam gave very helpful support and the assignments came back very quickly through the post. I have to say that xxxxx is now considering taking Biology A level, and she wouldn’t have done that without doing your course!”