Course costs

Key stage 3 Science

Key stage 3 Complete Course for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
The cost for this course without tutor support is £270 as a downloadable PDF – over 750 pages of material which you can then choose to work from electronically or print as required.
That works out at just £90 a subject over three school years, so £30 a year per subject – under £2 a lesson!
With over 140 lessons. the PDF allows you to see everything in colour and to print off as little or as much of the material as suits you. Individual subjects available separately at £100 per subject.
With tutor support the cost is an additional £50 per subject or £420 total.

IGCSE Subjects

Individual Subjects

IGCSE courses with distance tutor support and free PDF of complete course £230
Cambrige CIE Biology
Cambridge CIE Chemistry
Cambridge CIE Physics
Cambridge CIE History
Edexcel Biology
Edexcel Chemistry
Edexcel Physics
Edexcel Human Biology
Edexcel Mathematics
Selected courses now available without tutor support and with separate answers PDF  £99 each.
Edexcel Physics
Edexcel Human Biology
A printed copy of each of these courses is available for £24.95 with the exception of Cambridge CIE History £14.95 (prices include mainland UK P and P.)

Double Science Award

Edexcel Double Award £630 and covers all three sciences
Printed version add £39.95 including mainland UK P and P.

Set Books and materials
Our courses provide a way for the student to find their way
through the specification using set books. We are careful to choose set books which are easy to use and are up to date and relevant to both the current specifications and our courses. We keep a careful eye on any new publications and if we feel they would suit our students better we will change to use them. If you are currently studying with us you will not need to change your books unless the board bring in major specification changes in which case we will contact you with an up to date pdf of the course and details of which books you require.

You will need to buy the set books separately. This keeps postage costs down and gives you the opportunity to purchase second hand copies should they wish to do so.

Links to the set books can be found on each of the individual product pages.

We have teamed up with a supplier called Kitchen Chemistry who can provide the chemicals and equipment needed for the experiments at an extra cost of £31.44 + p&p for the Chemistry course, £33.96 plus p&p for the Biology course or £65.40 plus p&p for the combined course. This is not compulsory but is suggested so that each item does not need to be sourced separately, contact details will be sent with the course.

Chemistry Kit  £31.44

Biology kit  £33.96

Combined Biology and Chemistry £65.40  

Physics  £69.98
(Prices may vary and exclude P and P, please contact Kitchen Chemistry to  confirm – details will be included with your purchase. Chemistry and Biology kits only available to mainland UK due to postage rules relating to hazardous chemicals)

Easy Payment option
Don’t let the cost be a factor for not choosing to use our courses. If you would like to know more about the easy payment option please use the contact button to email  for further details.