GCSE Mathematics Course

With the much publicised changes to GCSE examinations from the summer of 2017,  the Maths GCSE specification has now become 100% examination and so is open to private candidates , so in addition to our International GCSE course we’re now also able to offer the Maths GCSE.

Our Mathematics Edexcel GCSE course uses the new Edexcel (9-1) specification 1MA1. It is available for private candidates and can be sat in May/June.

Candidates will need to sit 3 papers.

Students are entered at either Foundation Tier or Higher Tier.
Foundation Tier students will take papers 1F , 2F and 3F. The highest grade which will be awarded at Foundation Tier is grade 5.
Higher Tier students will take Papers 1H, 2H and 3H.

All papers are 90 minutes long and worth 33.33% of the final mark. Calculators are allowed for paper 2 and 3 only.


The following resources will be required to complete the course

  • CGP Edexcel GCSE Maths Workbook
    ISBN: 978-1782944072 (New 9-1 grade book)
  • CGP GCSE Maths Tutor DVD-Rom
    ISBN-15: 978-1782944294     * this is now available as a download from the CGP site https://www.cgpbooks.co.uk/secondary-books/gcse/maths/mhvc43d-mathstutor-gcse-maths-video
  • Casio scientific calculator (or similar scientific calculator)

We have chosen to base this course around the CGP revision scheme, as after teaching maths for many years using a variety of expensive textbooks, we really do find these the best ones for students to get along with. The DVD-Rom is an excellent resource, and covers the vast majority of the topics you’ll be required to understand, and the workbook has lots of exam style questions to try.  It is also available as a download from the CGP site.

Throughout the course, you will be referred to clips from the DVD-ROM/download, asked to complete practise questions from the workbook and set end of unit assessment tasks to complete.

As home educating mums we’ve created our courses in response to the needs of home-educating parents and students but they are equally suited to any private candidate who wishes to study Mathematics GCSE. Students can start at any time and work at their own pace towards taking the exams.

About the course
It covers each topic in turn:

  • setting out what needs to be learnt
  • explaining concepts and definitions which may be tricky
  • providing  worked examples throughout
  • almost 300 pages of content and assessments to cover every aspect required for the GCSE exams

Prior knowledge

Maths at GCSE and IGCSE level is quite challenging and requires students not only to have prior KS3 level maths knowledge, but to also be able to extend the use of this knowledge to answer more complex questions. Before starting the course students should:

  • Know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using both mental and written methods;
  • Know the times tables up to and including the 12 times table;
  • Understand negative and positive numbers and be able to use them with the four operations;
  • Be familiar with decimals, fractions and percentages and how they show part of a whole;
  • Use decimals with the four operations;
  • Be familiar with square/ cube numbers and their roots;
  • Understand algebra basics and be able to balance simple equations;
  • Use co-ordinates to explain a position on a graph;
  • Be familiar with mm, cm, m, km, ml, l, g, kg and tonnes;
  • Be familiar with using and rearranging simple formulas;
  • Know the names and properties of common 2D and 3D shapes;

If you don’t yet meet these requirements then our Key Stage 3 Maths course gives you all you need to be ready to advance to IGCSE level


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Edexcel Mathematics GCSE Complete Course


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