IGCSE Human Biology

The Edexcel IGCSE Human Biology course is designed to follow the structure of the Edexcel 4HB1 specification for examinations from summer 2019. This exam can be sat in January or June. Please note that January 2023 will be the last January sitting for this board. They will be moving their second sitting to November 2023 and from then on the sittings will be June and November.

It allows students to:

  • study the structure and functions of human biology
  • appreciate how the human organism maintains itself
  • study human relationships with other animals and the dependence on plants
  • learn how humans can best modify their environment and habits to produce healthy conditions for present and future populations.

We have written the courses in response to the needs of home-educating parents and students but they are equally suited to any private candidate who wishes to study Human Biology IGCSE.

Students can start at any time and work at their own pace towards taking the exams

How the course works:

It follows the set textbook and covers each topic in turn:

  • setting out what needs to be learnt
  • suggesting spellings and definitions which may be tricky
  • providing diagrams to label and annotate
  • giving details of practical activities and experiments to carry out

Course materials

The course is based off the Edexcel International GCSE Human Biology student book and  follows its structure and references page numbers from it throughout. You will need to purchase it separately – you can find it on Amazon via the following link:

 Specification (exams from summer 2019)

When you buy the course it includes:

  • A 319 page course full of worksheets , diagrams, and experiments to carry out
  • A revision guide with pointers, tips and YouTube clips to help you when it comes to revision

Use the button below to access a sample of the course.


You can purchase the complete course using the button below,  using Paypal to securely complete your payment. You’ll then be given instant access to download the course as a PDF, and the links will also be in your email receipt.

Edexcel Human Biology IGCSE Complete Course
(for examinations from summer 2019 onward)

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