Parent feedback

Moving onto IGCSE’s seemed a daunting task and I feel so fortunate that we came upon your courses. You’ve guided us through the decisions over which courses would suit my son best, offered much wisdom over revision, and was a real support during the occasional panic moments!

The courses themselves are thorough, the follow up work gave my son the opportunity to have work marked by someone else, and best of all they were interesting and fun!

Having really enjoyed learning science purely for the love of it, I was concerned sticking to a syllabus would change this. But, not at all. There are loads of experiments to do, and my second son is excited that it’s his turn now with the kitchen chemistry…and even the younger two want to do “experiments”.

I know he’s had a great learning experience, so whatever grades he got, it would be a success…but he actually got A and A*! So, for anyone debating home IGCSE’s, I would recommend you to go for it, and use these fantastic courses!