IGCSE Physics course

The Physics course is available to study following the most current specifications from both the Cambridge (CIE) and Edexcel exam boards.

Cambridge (CIE) IGCSE Physics
CIE Physics Specification from 2019 

CIE  offer students taking their IGCSE courses the chance to be awarded grades 9 – 1 in place of the current A* – G system. The ONLY differences to the current specifications are the codes used to register. The content, the set books and the exam papers are exactly the same so you can continue to use our current courses, with the current codes BUT when you come to register with your exam centre you enter with one code for an A-G grade (0625) and a different code if you would prefer a 9-1 grade (0972).

Edexcel Physics
4PH1 Specification  New Specification : This specification is for first examination in June 2019. This exam can be sat in either January or June. Please note that January 2023 will be the last January sitting for this board. They will be moving their second sitting to November 2023 and from then on the sittings will be June and November.

The courses were created in response to the needs of home-educating parents, and students, but they are equally suited to any private candidate who wishes to study Physics IGCSE.
Students can start at any time and work at their own pace towards taking the exams.

About the course

Each topic is covered in turn:

    • setting out what needs to be learnt
    • suggesting spellings and definitions which may be tricky
    • providing diagrams to label and annotate
    • giving details of practical activities and experiments to carry out

When you buy the course it includes:

    • Over 270 pages of worksheets , diagrams, and experiments to carry out
    • A revision guide with pointers, tips and YouTube clips to help you when it comes to revision

Set Books
It was decided to carefully choose books already written for, and published by, trusted educational publishers. The courses we offer provide a way for the student to study the requirements of the specification using these set books.

Our courses supplement the information found in them with additional original materials, links to websites and to videos. The set books are not included with the course but we ask students to purchase these separately. For your convenience please see the links below, to Amazon, be sure to click on those which relate to the exam board you wish to use. Of course, you may wish to purchase second hand books.

Students sitting the Cambridge (CIE) exam will need the following 2 books;
Essential Physics for Cambridge IGCSE 2nd Edition
Cambridge IGCSE Physics Study and Revision Guide

Students sitting the new  specification Edexcel exam will need the following book:

Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Physics Student Book: print and ebook bundle

Maths requirements

The IGCSE physics exam, and our courses,  assume students are familiar with certain mathematical skills which are covered in GCSE or IGCSE Mathematics. If you are not taking IGCSE/GCSE mathematics alongside the Physics IGCSE (or haven’t already taken the IGCSE) you will find it helpful to make sure you cover the following mathematics topics:
• add, subtract, multiply and divide
• use averages, decimals, fractions, percentages, ratios and reciprocals
• recognise and use standard notation
• use direct and inverse proportion
• use positive, whole number indices
• draw charts and graphs from given data
• interpret charts and graphs
• choose suitable scales and axes for graphs
• make approximate evaluations of numerical expressions
• recognise and use the relationship between length, surface area and volume and their units on metric scales
• use usual mathematical instruments (ruler, compasses, protractor, set square)
• understand the meaning of angle, curve, circle, radius, diameter,
square, parallelogram, rectangle and diagonal
• solve equations of the form x = yz for any one term when the other two are known
• recognise and use points of the compass (N, S, E, W)
(You may use calculators in all parts of the exam.)


We have teamed up with a supplier who can provide some of the items needed for the experiments at an extra cost of £69.98 plus postage £4.99 (UK mainland) for the Physics course. This is not compulsory but is suggested so that each item does not need to be sourced separately. If you would like further details of the materials kit please contact Brian at [email protected]


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CIE Physics IGCSE Complete Course

Edexcel Physics IGCSE Complete Course New Specification
(for examinations from  summer 2019 onwards)

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