Student feedback

Since term is now over (HOORAY!) I wanted to thank you. I actually meant to say this last year but with one thing and another it didn’t happen

Your science course was AMAZING. I enjoyed it. It lacked nothing. It was very clear. But the best bit was that you were always right behind us, whether when answering a question quickly and fully, or making the course clear and well laid out.

What I want to thank you for most is not for making the course so clear or helpful for us, it’s for your support. When we came to you, it looked like (the previous company) had prevented me from doing the coordinated science IGCSE course altogether, and I only had a year to do two year’s work. Now, when I left you, I have taken all the exams, and got an A*A*. This venture, which seemed so lost a cause to the the last science teacher that she dropped me from the course, I think we can call a success…

I’d like to quickly thank you for being so astoundingly quick at getting back to us. You were right there with the answer and an encouragement, often even the same day!!!!!!

So, thank you for all your hard work, answering all that stockpiled follow-up work (sorry :-)) in the same time as you would have marked only one.

God bless you, Thank you,