Single or double science?

Should I take single science subjects or the science double award ?

The single subjects look at each discipline in detail, and some say the IGCSE is almost akin to AS level in some areas, thus making a smooth transition to higher level study. If the student is very interested in science and is likely to want to study further the single courses are for them. It may also be that some students don’t have an interest in a certain subject so for example they may wish to take Biology and Chemistry but not Physics or Chemistry and Physics but not Biology – in this example the single subjects would be the best solution for them as they would not need to encounter the discipline which they are not so interested in.

The double award covers each of the three main subjects, in equal measures, but not in quite such detail as the single awards. The study of Science in this way gives a very good general grounding and knowledge in the subject. It is worth noting, however, that although the exam boards say that it is suitable for students who wish to move on to study at higher level,and that most schools offer this option and many students do go on to study at A level ( and beyond) we suggest that it may result in some gaps in knowledge which would require some extra work before moving on.

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