IGCSE History Course

The IGCSE History course covers the content required for the Cambridge (CIE) IGCSE Option A: 19th century: The Development of Modern Nation States, 1848–1914

During this course students with study key 19th Century world events including:

  • The 1848 revolutions in Europe
  • The unification of Italy and Germany
  • The American Civil War
  • Imperialism in China, India and Africa
  • The Causes of the First World War

Students will also study one topic as a depth study, which will be Depth Study A

  • The First World War, 1914–18

The Course book History for Teen: The 19th Century 1848-1914 by Taryn Earley, is available from Amazon and covers all the key topics.

The Cambridge (CIE) IGCSE History exam is available for private candidates and can be sat in either  May/ June or October/ November. It is also available in India in March. CIE  offer students taking their IGCSE courses the chance to be awarded grades 9 – 1 in place of the current A* – G system. The ONLY differences to the current specifications are the codes used to register. The content, the set books and the exam papers are exactly the same  BUT when you come to register with your exam centre you enter with one code for an A-G grade (0470) and a different code for a 9-1 grade (0977)

Private candidates will need to sit 3 written papers (named papers 1,2 and 4.)

Paper 1

This is a 2 hour exam and worth 40% of your final mark.

Section A- There will be 4 questions on topics you have studied. You need to answer two of them.

Section B- There will be 7 questions based on each of the depth study options. Students need to answer the one question on Depth study A.

Each question will have 3 parts and we will be practising this style of question throughout the course.

Paper 2

This is a 2 hour exam and worth 33% of your final mark.

Students will be given 6 questions based on given sources on a predetermined topic.

Paper 4

This is a 1 hour exam and worth 27% of your final mark.

There will be a choice of two essays on each depth study topic. Students need to complete one essay question on Depth study A.

About the course
It covers each topic in turn:

  • setting out what needs to be learnt
  • ordering events chronologically on a timeline
  • Highlighting key words to learn
  • Looking at key figures and the roles they played in the events studied.

  When you buy the course it includes:

  • tutor marked follow up assignments, to assess progress, and the opportunity to practise exam questions.
  •  full feedback to the student on their work by email or phone as necessary until they attain the examination grade they are happy with.
  • the opportunity (for an additional fee) to sit a fully marked and graded mock exam with subsequent discussion on the level of exam entry .

Course costs
The tutored course costs from £280 –  the set books and materials need to be purchased separately. Please see the specific prices for each option below.


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CIE History

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