Key Stage 3 Science

The Echo Education Key Stage 3 Science Course consists of over 140 lessons split over the three sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It covers all of the material in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 and, in school, would be covered over a period of three years from age 11-14 years. This course is available with or without tutor support.

It is formatted in a way that allows you to use it in whichever way best suits your child/children. Once you have purchased it you are welcome to use it as many times as you need to within your own family but we respectfully ask you please not to lend/forward/copy the course for other families or groups. Tutor support applies to one child only but can be purchased separately for siblings.

It is totally up to you how you use the material in the course. You can buy all the equipment suggested and use it as a very hands-on and practical course. However if that does not suit you, we have tried, where possible, to include YouTube demonstrations of experiments to allow your child to see them in action. Or you could mix and match- do some practical work and some by watching the videos.

We have included lots of pictures, videos and practical work to keep the learning real and fun. Science is exciting and that is reflected in the course material.

Hi – just to say we are only on lesson 3 but what
superb product (it is so easy for me, in terms of
planning time saved).
The children love the course, there is  a fabulous
fun & simple experiments. Thank you, S.W.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics

You can focus on one subject at a time or run all three subjects concurrently. You can do one lesson a week or one a month or whizz through it by covering lots of lessons each week.  It is totally up to you. All the material is here and can be used to fit your child’s learning requirements. Personally I have used it one subject per school term and revisited it over a 2-3 year period to reinforce their learning and to build in new concepts.

If you choose the course without the tutor support all answers to any questions you are asked to pose to your child and all answers to the end of topic tests are included in the materials. These too are available to be used as best suits you and your child and their learning style – you can set them as a ‘test’ or a fun verbal quiz or just work through them together. This means you don’t need significant existing science understanding to teach this course- the content and answers are all provided. If however you feel that tutor support would best suit you and your child this includes marking and feedback on all end of topic tests (posted or emailed to the tutor) as well as a designated tutor answering any questions your child has as they work though the course.

Each lesson also includes a list of the key terms and spellings that your child should become familiar with. As much as possible they should accurately learn how to spell these science words.

Once they have completed the key stage 3 course and when you feel they are ready they can move onto IGCSE science courses. Our website has all the information about the 2 boards and also the combined science course.

All subjects in key stage 3 science can be reinforced and supported by using the BBC Bitesize website which is available free to all.

There are no set course books to accompany this course as all the content is provided within each lesson but there are many course books and revision aids available if you feel your child requires further reinforcement in any particular area. These can be found for example on Amazon.

Each lesson has a list of suggested resources at the beginning – these are only ‘suggested’ as all the academic material to learn the information is provided but it is a really good idea wherever possible for children to perform practical work to help consolidate their learning. I suggest you look ahead at the start of each topic to see what equipment you may need – this may be simple supermarket purchases or more ‘scientific’ equipment. Any equipment you purchase now will support further work at IGCSE. We have included a list of resources we have sourced from the company ‘Kitchen Chemistry’, but you are welcome to pick and choose from that list and resource your own equipment but we have tried to simplify this task for you.

We have made the lessons as practical as possible and have included different ways of learning different pieces of information – this keeps the students interested and helps them to learn in lots of different ways.

We know it can be a bit daunting to be tackling science when educating at home, however these courses are designed to give you and your child everything you need to methodically work through everything the curriculum requires.
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The cost for the complete course without tutor support, for all three sciences,  is £280 as a downloadable PDF – over 750 pages of material which you can then choose to work from electronically or print as required.
That works out at just over £90 a subject over three school years, so £30 a year per subject – under £2 a lesson!
With over 140 lessons. the PDF allows you to see everything in colour and to print off as little or as much of the material as suits you.
Course plus tutor support
The cost for the complete course WITH tutor support, for all three sciences, is £460 (tutoring costs £60 per subject).

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